Prescribing PrEP

With no designated PrEP funding or delivery model in Nova Scotia, accessing PrEP can be challenging for patients.

Through our research we have encountered numerous community members who are eligible for PrEP based on the Canadian PrEP guidelines but cannot access it due to various barriers – including finding a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable enough about PrEP to feel comfortable prescribing the medication and conducting necessary follow-up. ​

Recognizing that there are currently no formal PrEP training tools for providers in Nova Scotia, we hope that this section of our website will act as a portal to all of the information healthcare providers need as potential PrEP prescribers.

We have also included various links to PrEP research and the Canadian PrEP/nPEP guidelines for your benefit, upon which the content in this section is based. This section includes:

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